Gimme my chocolate!

It’s the morning after, the night before.

I’m sure that’s a song. It sounds familiar. Oddly.

What am I talking about, you may ask?

The Easter rush. That’s what.

So, I work in a supermarket. Unsurprisingly I’m a checkout chick. And while this may not be surprising, I would like to think I am not one of those bitches who stand there with a scowl hating life while my hands move slower as they develop arthritis (though, at my supermarket if you scan fast and top the scan-rate then you get a prize! Hooray!) I probably was one yesterday.

There is something about holidays and things going on sale which make people go crazy. And by that, I don’t mean stand in the aisle shaking (though they did that yesterday), or wander around looking at the lights commenting on how shiny and bright they are (they probably did that too when they lost their minds actually), its more the whole change in attitudes thing. It happened around Christmas too actually. And new years.

I should have expected it, working on a public holiday (extra pay, yay!) but hey, seeing a register belt loaded up with gold jingly lindt bunnies still proved me wrong. All Easter stuff was half price, and despite the fact that there was cheaper chocolate on special, just not in cute bunny form, the bunnies were all being bought – no make that snaffled – off the shelves.

There were shelves and shelves full when I started my shift. When I was done, there was one small shelf left. It had two product varieties – probably the reject ones – and I couldn’t help but laugh when one old lady commented ‘I had to dig about the shelf but I finally found a lindt bunny and it was THE LAST ONE LEFT!’

She looked so smug.

Good for her (again, I can’t tell whether that’s sarcasm or not)

What’s worse were the people who asked me whether we had hidden any out back. Or those who complained there were none left and bitched about the people who had taken them all. Or even commented how they’d now have to go to other supermarkets to get their Easter goodies.

It made me wonder whether they were on an expedition. Indiana Jones style. Trekking across Melbourne in search of the Holy Grail made of delicious milk chocolate and possibly with a liquidly ganache centre that is now half price. Too right!

There would probably be a hard-fought battle in this expedition too. An arm wrestle of sorts, with cries of ‘THAT’S MY DARK CHOCOLATE LINDT BUNNY!’, (they’ve been the most popular, trust me on that one) hanging in the air.

To be fair, I did go and have a look at that last remaining shelf, and I did buy a decent amount of Easter chocolate.

Man, I am easily swayed. Damn my potential – no make that apparent – impulse buying attitude. Even though I know the tricks, the whole ‘buy this and you get this one for x amount or free or whatever’, I still fall for it.

It’s probably one of those character flaws which will send me into debt. Or a house filled with useless/unused products. Or both.

Then I’ll be sent crazy in a supermarket wandering around looking at the lights and commenting how shiny and bright they are.

At least I’ll be able to talk to my friends at the supermarket too. Ha!

Ah dear, I can tell this will be one of many supermarket-related blogs.

I apologise in advance!


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