That was nice

Apparently yesterday was ‘National Compliment Day’. A day where you are meant to say nice things specifically to people to make them feel better or good about themselves.

Wow, I sound massively cynical. Excuse me though, because it is early-ish in the morning – well early-ish to the point where Maccas breakfast is still being offered and if I could be bothered I would totally go and buy myself an egg mcmuffin and hashbrown (why are they not called mchashbrowns btw? There’s a thought of the day!)

Anyway, back to the point. National Compliment Day. It raises a few questions really. Has it really come down to that? We actually need a day to say nice things to people?

I guess in the current climate (both weather and economically) people are feeling a bit down. And to be told that they have nice hair or their outfit is rather snazzy (don’t you just love my choice of words), would tend to bring a smile to someone’s assumedly boring and sad day.

But really, if someone randomly came up to you on the street and said ‘you are hot as’ (or something equally over the top) how would you react?

I think to be game enough to even say something along those lines (and be completely sober at the point of statement) would be pretty impressive.

As far as I can see, there are several outcomes to this (well ones I can think of right now off the top of my head)

1.       Complimentee reacts with a ‘why thank you, random person on the street! In fact, I think you are rather ‘hot as’ yourself. In fact, I can see that we could complement each other rather well if we happen to hang out after this in a relaxing – or not so relaxing (wink wink nudge nudge) – situation where everyone else around us would be entirely jealous of our combined hotness’.

2.       Complimentee reacts with a nervous laugh and ends up incredibly embarrassed

3.       Complimentor ends up cornered by complimentee who has incredibly large ego and thus decided to tell said complimentor exactly how ‘hot as’ look was achieved, including sentences such as ‘oh yeah and this hat I got on sale, it was really meant to be sold for $96 but I got up early and went on the Boxing day sales despite the fact I was shopping for an entirely different season I bought the hat because I figured in winter it would go entirely brilliantly with these opaque maroon tights which were not on sale but then everyone needs a good pair of opaque tights, I figure they can go with almost every outfit and they come in such a great range of colours to match almost everything including these knee high boots ETC’ (too right, style advice and the complimentor has realised they have totally complimented the wrong person!)

4.       Complimentee reacts with a ‘oh really, what do you want?’ due to the fact that the complimentor (oh dear that sounds like the Terminator or something, I’ll be back dammit) looks like a stalker who is after something. Possibly money. Possibly sex…

But it’s true isn’t it? If someone says something nice, the first thing that tends to pop into people’s heads is what the motive is behind things.

Wow, is that the true topic behind this post? Perhaps!

People’s motives.

I don’t think I want to get started into a whole idealism-realism debate right here, but what motivates someone to do something is rather interesting really.

Is it because people have been burned? Or are we all that cynical? And why is it that we automatically think there is some hidden agenda behind a nice comment?

Maybe, after all of that it just depends on the setting. We are so used to being harassed on the streets that when there is actually something nice, we assume it is going to be something bad!

Problem solved. Or at least for now…

Ah dear that sounds a little ominous.

I can see this being debated again.


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