Tweet Tweet!

I do not own a Twitter account, yet I am going to attempt to know what I am talking about when I discuss the trend to post every little thing that happens in your life in short sentences.

It seems that everyone talks about twitter. The new craze. The new facebook. The new myspace. The new everything!

Ashton Kutcher got to a million twitters. I have no clue what he is talking about. Which doesn’t really worry me to a certain extent. But to another extent (the other certain – if there is such a thing) I am a teensy bit worried.

This is something popular with my generation.

Am I that far behind? Am I that untrendy?  PLEASE TELL ME NO, OR ELSE ALL HOPE IS LOST (and then I shall have no idea what to do when that new Channel Ten ‘Talkin Bout Your Generation’ show comes along. The theme song will start (I’m assuming it’s that ‘talkin bout my generation’ one – yes that is rather obvious, Amanda – by The Who) and I shall be sitting there slowly rocking back and forth with my head in my hands and a scared expression on my face).

Ok, so solution?

Get a Twitter account? At this point in time, I cannot be bothered.

Lazy eh? But really, considering I am not a celebrity and this blog has not taken off as much as I would have liked (comment me please, it is almost as good as getting mail – and by mail I mean actual, literal, hold-in-your-hand mail because emails just aren’t doing it for me these days (mainly because The Age and the Herald Sun continue sending me updates and again I am too lazy to unsubscribe in the hope that one will offer me the chance to win something cool), I doubt anyone would really want to read constant updates about my life.

2pm – Amanda is finishing work, yay!

2.15pm – Amanda is buying groceries – mushrooms, yum yum!

3pm – Amanda is sitting down to watch the Richmond vs. Melbourne game on Channel Seven

3.30pm – Amanda is checking her facebook and realising the only notification she has is something from bloody Superpoke

3.50pm – Amanda is logging into her blog to start typing – brilliance on the way! :D

(Random Thought: yes, Amanda has realised that her lack of enthusiasm to get a Twitter account is really doing nothing for her credibility in the ‘research’ field BUT she would like to think that she knows what ‘research’ entails due to her education provided by very dedicated schools…(no sarcasm…I think) and therefore, despite the fact that she probably has the whole concept wrong due to the fact that she is so behind the times (damn), she reckons she has the general idea) (Side point: no Amanda does not know exactly when she went from first-person to third-person either…)

Celebrities, ok I can see how that could be mildly interesting. They mix with people who appear in magazines! Ha, interpret that how you want it (it was extremely cynical in my head (random thought: yes I am a bundle of fun these days)). Therefore due to the obsession with those of celebrity status it would be interesting to see who they bump into and all the details of their lives which are oh so much cooler than ours.

Politicians, ok. Can they use it as another way to test potential policy? I mean, they are on youtube, myspace AND facebook (wow that is actually getting in touch with voters eh). And I did visit Kevin Rudd’s myspace and watch a couple of political messages via youtube.

(Totally see these ‘Extreme Greens’ and ‘Peas and Promises’ btw, it is absolutely hilarious)

(I studied politics, leave me alone…)

You know, I wonder what Bo Obama is doing right now…

Again, this probably ties into the whole ‘people watching’ trend. The whole Big Brother thing (minus more turkey slapping I hope – which reminds me, I only recently found out what ‘tea-bagging’ was (thank you Urban Dictionary) and unfortunately it does not involve an elegant dunking of a camomile tea-bag into a cute teacup on a patterned saucer!!) and being generally interested in other peoples’ lives (I hope I have my apostrophe placement correct there or else my journalism editing teacher from third year will totally come and take me down).

I guess if you sign up to friends on Twitter then you can feel close to them and what they are doing. Or what they are thinking. Or where they are. Or where they are going…


Every breath you take… I’ll be twittering…

Hey Sting! Your song needs an update!

Too right! (I am saying this a bit too much aren’t I?)

I can see a problem arising. Bear with me here, but surely the absent-minded and blatantly a little ‘dense in the head’ few amongst us could fall into a trap.

For Example: Worker and supervisor are friends as well as sharing the same workspace. They sign up to each other on Twitter. Worker wins tickets to brilliant gig and calls in sick. Lies to supervisor (that bastard!). Worker gets entirely trashed at gig, pulls out fancy phone with internet and twitters ‘oh my god, band is awesome, girl next to me has short skirt but knows all the lyrics! I’m in loveeeeee!’ Supervisor reads said tweet. Oops. Hello trouble (especially because supervisor could not fill shift and hence had to deal with shit customers) (True story? Hmmm).

I think I have lost the point of this blog.

People watching is fun though. In person, when you know your hair looks good. How interesting.

Maybe eventually I will actually get a Twitter account. Apparently I am easy swayed (I do regularly impulse-buy dammit, Coles is having a field day with me really), and if so, I’ll keep you all (hey I remain hopeful there is more than one reader) posted considering I am apparently a bit behind.

Whether I am completely untrendy or not will require a separate blog considering the magnitude of the topic.


4.16pm – Amanda is finishing the current blog – almost time to revel in the brilliance that is Amongst Other Things (please deflate her head at 4.23pm – it gives her a bit of time to prepare for your arrival so she can RUN AWAY)


2 Responses to “Tweet Tweet!”

  1. 1 dilu
    April 19, 2009 at 11:12 pm

    hey amanda!

    that was really really good, like the way you wrote. I’ve been thinking about twitter myself becuase it feels like it just suddenly came out of nowhere and i just sit here thinking, lol, another one? I’ve still not adjusted to new facebook haha and now there’s twitter. It reminds me of when you asked me to make the myspace page and i was against these things in general, but then some other friend made my facebook account for me and now i’ve been swamped. I am highly curious about twitter though coz i read somewhere about that ashton kutcher thing and i always seem to hear about lily allen’s. weird. But yeah, am curious. so the question you’ve also been asking is to twitter or not to twitter. I think you should one day when you’re super bored so then it feels like you’ve done something new, even if it is just for ‘research’ purposes. oh and i’m interested to see what the new ch 10 my generation show is about. it would suck bad not to know whats going on haha ie twitter lol. best to get cracking maybe?

    It was good to hear from you, even if you aren’t actually talking to me :( Can you please just tell me what i did or said so that you ignore or hate me? I’ll be able to accept it then. Like the other night a few weeks ago, i had this dream where you talked to me again and i was so shocked haha but happy lol. Yes i know, lame. But it’s cool to hear what you’ve been up to. I remember how u had ‘amanda’s blog thingo’ which i had bookmarked on my computer coz i checked it so frequently and i think there was xanda? can’t remember what it was called.. sorry. But yeah it was fun. i like the way you write, the style. so original? i started a blog thing like last yr but it was so crap. i tried to make myself sound all clever haha but failed miserably.

    ok cya, hope to hear from you soon

    lol u know i really love the name dilu now, despite how i felt in high school… sorry

  2. May 4, 2009 at 4:03 pm

    Hey Amanda, no worries. You’re not the only one – I don’t tweet either! And no need to feel pressured about it :) hehe

    my, you’re really writing a very long essay here!

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