Recently, I’ve realised that procrastination is a bit of an art form. You may start out with all the best intentions – in terms of being productive and actually getting things done – but then something just worms its way into your mind and everything falls by the way side.

This blog is proving to be a perfect example. I didn’t realise it had been so long and I had all intentions of posting more posts

(Sound believable? I would believe me!)

I’ve had a request to post something new, so I figure I should get my lazy arse moving and actually do it. ‘Amandaaaaaaaaaa’, they all say ‘your blog was so fricken fantastic that I am eagerly awaiting the next post. Get your lazy arse moving and actually post something new!’ (Ok fine, exaggeration. But hey, my head deflated a little with the lack of promising comments on my non-existent new posts (ahem, hint hint please comment, it’s like getting mail, which is still stupidly exciting)).

I need to push past the procrastination which has lately been plaguing me (it’s like a little gnome or something, blocking my way and popping his head round every corner sniggering at me – that bastard. Go back under your bridge/to your little garden, stupid little gnome! And stop asking inappropriate questions!) and sit down at the lappy and get typing.

It’s been cold though. Is that a good enough excuse? Hmm perhaps not. But anyway, back to the point of this post (we’ll get there eventually (I hope))

…when you split up the word ‘procrastination’ it doesn’t sound as bad.


So, (my definitions, all entirely brilliant I might add)

Pro: being all for something

Cras(s): (admittedly spelt wrong, but that’s ok with me, a bit of manipulation never led anyone too astray) being somewhat rude or unpolitically-correct

Ti: a drink with jam and bread! (Or in real terms, isn’t a ti some sort of bird hmm?)

Nation: a country (that is put in such simple terms I’m sure many of my tutors over the past few years will come and take me down, much like some of my friends who will debate the use of nation and whether it involves an element of sovereignty which then relates back to the UN in some odd way and humanitarian intervention etc etc but I’m sure no one is interested in reading about that at this current moment)

So I’ve come to the conclusion that procrastination REALLY means cras(s) nations are all for drinking tea (ti).

(Or cras(s) nations are all for a particular species of bird?)


We’ve been misusing the word ALL ALONG!

(now is the time you start to wonder, AMANDA HAD A POINT TO THIS?!’

I said I did, didn’t I?

I can be misleading also (but that is the point of another post I think)

Ok, I think it is time for a coffee. This has been a rather failed attempt at a ‘come-back’ post and it probably (ok definitely) deserves a good edit, but that would involve me sitting here a bit longer (without a coffee) and there are so many other things I could do…

…like vacuum

…or tv watching

…or facebook

…or even make a pot of TI! A DRINK WITH JAM AND BREAD!


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