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Ok. Here I go again (much like Ok Go, but without the treadmills and some snazzy synchronised treadmill action). Really. I’m going to attempt to get this blog going. Like properly. It just seems that while I have the initial ideas in my dense little (no wait, probably oversized) head, they just remain as ideas and only that! I can’t even remember what I posted about last time (far out, how slack), but seeing how productive some of my blogging friends have been has given me a kick up the arse (thankfully only metaphorically).

Far out Amanda (I can hear myself, and other people) saying. Stop being so lazy and actually type something. To be honest (tbh ha sms speak in a blog. Bloody fantastic), it doesn’t take that much to sit in one spot and type stuff eh. Ah dear. I think I would like to claim that I’ve been busy (hey, the words ‘busy’ and ‘lazy’ can be used interchangeably right??) and work tires me out. (man, that sounds lazier than I thought. Crap.)

I’m sorry – in advance for what is about to spew forth from my cold typing fingers (did anyone else get caught in that stupid like 10minute storm and horrendous fringe-wrecking wind??), and also for being all blog-lacking (If anyone noticed lol)


Enough of that (too right, I should think)

I’m going to discuss the trend of giving people odd names etc (is that detailed enough? Hmm it’s like doing a topic sentence in an essay (to which I reckon I can still rightly claim I have never done on purpose! Haha (and to think, yes I did actually complete my highschool education))

Boost Juice (yay yummo smoothies lol) have got this promo thing going. They pick names and if your name happens to be one of their chosen for that particular day, you get a free drink. Good stuff I should think.

My name is Amanda, it’s a pretty popular name (I would like to think, I’ve been in many classes where there have been other Amandas’ (right apostrophe placement btw eh eh?) and therefore I’ve had to use the last name to distinguish myself (and oh what a last name to distinguish one by (HA! That could almost be a pun. Jeez I am hilarious somedays)) but my name is yet to surface. And I am thus yet the unreceiver (that’s probably not a word and could be expressed far more eloquently, but lets just go with it) of a free smoothie. Dammit.

When I first heard about this promo I was all, brilliant! They said on their website (and I was told by a boost girl who I served at work) that they pick the most popular names of those who belong to their Vibe Club. The first two names were Glenn and Zara.

I am sorry Boost Juice, but Zara? (Ok, now I’ve said that I am totally going to be taken down by a billion Zara’s who I have offended). I do not know any Zaras!! (That probably deserves an apostrophe somewhere but I’ll leave it as is lol)

Has Zara become that popular a name? Like really?

Ah dear. I sound spiteful.

Meanwhile, Zara has probably enjoyed her free smoothie. (Its given her the energy to put on her kicking boots to come kick me) (and boost juice only had to give away one smoothie? Hahaha!)

Anyway, back to this name thing.

With all the interesting (yet increasingly popular) oddly spelled names out there, there is probably going to be a generation of kids without personalised stationary. Or other gift-y merchandise. I remember when I was younger I was all excited about getting a personalised mug with my name on it. In fact, I’ve still got this mug and it holds a good cup of tea (or hot chocolate) actually. Brilliant. These days though, I have actually been unable to find my name in some gift-y stuff.

Who knew Amanda was on the way out (how sad?), and names such as Tenille and Dayna (Herald Sun Births on Wednesday September 2nd 2009 for those playing at home (I’ve always wanted to say that lol)) are on the way in. Oh dear.

It’s not even just the new names though now is it? It’s the weirdly spelt ones. Like hmm, Ashley, Ashleigh, Ashlee, Ashleeeeeightjakjhsdkjh;ag (Ok that last one is made up but hahaha). And even then, Ashley doesn’t even mean you’ve definitely got a female! An Ashley could be a boy!


(And the ever-increasingly weirdo spellings. Which reminds me actually, there was this person once who wrote my name as ‘Amandah’. An H?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!) Oh my.

It’s the yuppies isn’t it? They’re trying to be trendy, thinking they’re coming up with something new to stand out. Pushing their designer-named babies and kids around in expensive designer-y prams, wearing expensive designer-y clothing, and shopping at trendy supermarkets such as Coles Port Melbourne (…). But this isn’t a rant on yuppies, as I live in a rather yuppie suburb (so I am told). Lol. That’s all.

I hope these parents are thinking about their kid’s futures really! Like how funny will it be to be an old person with a creepy (ok that is so not the right word) young people names? I guess it works the other way around too though eh, like being a young person with an old person name? I remember when we were kids we’d be all ‘yeah, and your kid will be named Ethel or Edith’ or something, and we’d all screw up our noses and laugh like hell. (I actually know young people with old people names (man, I’ve just realised how mean that sounds haha oops, I’m on a roll here aren’t I? (and it’s not a tasty $1.20 one, it’s a scummy no-grain rock-hard stale one… har har oh dear)) And they’re going to be great when they’re old

But isn’t there that trend of going back to traditional type names? Like James and Emma and Olivia and Jack and stuff? Those kids will be lucky enough to get personalised stuff easy. Good for them.

Meanwhile those with new-age names and people like myself are going to have to band together and rise up. In some sort of coup or whatever.

Enough of this I should think.

I’m going back to hopefully see my name appear on the Boost Juice website so I can go and get a free smoothie (everyone likes free stuff, I’ll keep you posted) and think about names to give any potential children I may have in the future. Middle names too. Hmmm, but that opens another can of worms…

Amanda(h?) signing off!

(oh, and congrats to ‘Me and All My Friends‘ on HypeMachine)


4 Responses to “Name It”

  1. September 5, 2009 at 6:32 pm

    hhaha its not only the yuppies, its the bogans who are taking too much of a linguistic licence when it comes to baby-naming, my redneck ex-next door neighbours named their daughter SHANNIAH…yes, with two N’s and a H….in honour of Shania Twain. Give me Amanda (H non-inclusive) any day hahahaha

  2. 3 mithira
    September 5, 2009 at 7:09 pm

    have you any thoughts on my name?

    • 4 amanda
      September 6, 2009 at 2:54 pm

      well see youve got one of those names which can be counted as cultural. or ethnic. haha to which there is probably a nice meaning behind your name and its probably likely to be one of a kind here in australia (who knows how many mithira’s there are back in sri lanka? (many perhaps?)

      it starts a whole other topic though doesnt it? exotic sounding names. and then there are people like tom cruise who names their kid suri. hmmm, if suri comes out as a boost name i am seriously going to kick someone

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