I was totally caught out the other day. Oh, that sounds almost scandalous, I’ve realised. But no, I was not caught out smuggling drugs overseas (though I wouldn’t mind going overseas – drug-less of course), and no, I wasn’t caught out having wild passionate sex in some public place. And I wasn’t caught out cheating on my hot footballer boyfriend (dammit, why not hmm?! Lol). And luckily I wasn’t caught out wearing dirty undies as I got hit by a bus. Though, I reckon it can be classified along the same lines.

I was totally caught out checking out this guy on my tram. You know the feeling, right? Like he got on, and I was all ‘ooh aah!’ and so I totally glanced/perved/totally stared (I’m not entirely sure how long each of those count for). And he looked back. Our eyes met. And I was all


Ideally (and more extremely optimistically) this could have been the start of something wonderful. Like you hear about those stories where people meet and then fall in love on public transport. Like that girl in New York who was originally from Australia and that American guy who sketched her and got on all the morning tv shows as he attempted to hunt her down. And now they’re friends!

But that is more like love at first sight isn’t it? To which I am not totally sure exists. But anyway, this isn’t a blog about love at first sight (or lust at first sight), but I shall file that idea away in my head for a future post because it seems like a legitimately good topic. This is a post about public transport, and increasingly, the difficulties faced by people without good books to read while they travel on their choice (and I use the word ‘choice’ loosely) of public transport.

I’ve been catching public transport for years now. It’s become like a second nature, yet I still find it difficult as to where to look. I think I’ve been rather scarred from my initial public transport adventures (yes, they have been adventures ha!)

I’ve done the whole ‘bored expression’ – staring out the window like I am completely buggered (that’s ‘buggered’ as in shit dead tired mind you…. (har har)) And I’ve done the whole ‘oh I’m so important I must check my phone’ thing. But I don’t know. Sometimes you do need a good book.

I feel crap the tram is so packed I have someone’s arse in my face because if they happen to look down at me, I could look compromised!

In fact, I remember awhile back now, I was looking PAST this guy out the window, I had my headphones on, and then I noticed his mouth was moving. He actually was talking to me. But it wasn’t all: ‘hey isn’t this tram ride lovely today?’ it was a ‘what are you looking at? What’s your problem?’

He got all loud and scary also. I was rather afraid as I was standing there in my school uniform and I had no idea what the hell he was on (drugs possibly eh eh?!) about.

Maybe I should just keep my eyes shut and pretend to be asleep. Nothing shifty can happen when you’re asleep (or at least pretending to be) right?

But then, I guess I may accidentally miss out on the potential pervy nature of catching public transport.


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