a ramble

I feel like I have been slack. Not that anyone reads half the shit I put on here, but more to the point, I’m doing this subject at uni (the last one I’ll have to do assuming I don’t fail and then wow, actually graduate with a masters (but that’s another story, one for another day if I decide to keep this up (again, not entirely too decided or committed to that idea yet)) which actually makes us write things. With the aim (apparently) of actually getting published.

This would be entirely brilliant if I wanted to get published (does a blog count? Probably not considering wordpress wants to know if I want to link in another blog and the range of people with interests who can start up a blog promoting their ideas/beliefs (not all interesting or politically correct hmm)) but again, this is of the ‘another story another day’ line. I’ll probably end up posting a few of the things for this particular class on here actually. So at least I can pretend I am being published (leave me alone in my delusional haze).

But you know, once I guess I get typing, crap does flow. I said in class (when I went, and some days I really can’t be bothered) that I write how I talk, which I’m not too sure is necessarily a good thing. But I said that in defence of the article that I submitted for the first assignment – and the reason it was largely informal and chatty.

I guess the main point of this post is to get something on this blog again. It’s been over a year, so I’m a bit outdated really. And I am moderately spurred on by the fact that I was reading this restaurant review in the Herald Sun and for research purposes (really I’m no stalker – I can’t be bothered putting time and effort into that crap) I googled her and she actually goes to Monash and her blog was like saying to me in a completely indirect (because she doesn’t know who the hell I am or give a shit) way ‘see Amanda I’ve got a blog and I’m getting out there posting actually publishable material’.

Not that this post is publishable. But I feel productive. So meh.


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